Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday Alec!  From now on we will have to celebrate two birthdays for you!  June 14th, the actual day you were born, and April 28th, the day you were granted a new life from your transplant success.  
With all that has gone on this last little while, we have still managed to have a lot of fun. We have taken a couple of trips up to the Park City Condo, enjoyed a hike and chairlift ride, 
watched Bode swim in the water (I mean pushed Bode in the water to see if he could swim haha! Good news, he can). We have taken bike rides, walks, and made Dinner that didn't burn. (Amazing, I can't believe it).  I beat you playing SORRY, we have put together puzzles, made trips to Five Guys, and who can forget the Yogurt Stop?!  The best part, just chillin on our balcony and watching the thunderstorms and sunsets.
It seems we both have a new outlook on life. We love and appreciate our families and friends more, enjoy the little things each day, and look for the simple pleasures in life and live them. One of the things I have always loved about you is how much you make me laugh.  You were always pretty funny, but now it seems like your jokes are even funnier! (I don't know if it is the fact that your new liver has a better sense of humor than your old one or that I just appreciate and love you more. Probably the second one)     
We never went a day with out laughing before your transplant, but now it seems like our laughs have changed.  They are deeper, harder, more frequent and just gut wrenching painful.  I love it!
Thank you for always being my goodest buddy and for staying alive! I am so grateful that God placed you in my life.  To many more birthdays and future laughs!
xoxo Megs


  1. You guys are such an amazing couple! Daniel and I really love you both so much and you are a star example for us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERD (belated)!

  2. Your liver story was absolutely beautiful. I am going through the same process with my wife and your words really touched me. I can handle anything, good news, bad news, whatever comes my way. But as I read your post and as I write this, I am crying like a baby. Thank you so much. I am starting my own blog to discuss the process and your words really inspire me. Thank you so much.

  3. Love you my dear Ferdy! Love you too Megs! Beautiful blog!

  4. Pretty sweet...We are ALL so lucky to have both of you in our lives!
    Best wishes and long life to "Yellow" as well. Miracles happen!!!