Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of Joo-Ly

We spent the 4th of July weekend with family and loved every minute of it.  We started the weekend up in Park City with our cousins and ended it at the Rampton 4th of July Barbeque Spectacular featuring the Sugarhouse Park fireworks.  Here are some of the photos of our patriotic weekend which included nothing patriotic other than the fireworks now that I think of it... but it was all done in America.

We hit a few buckets at the range up in Park City.  Those range mats were hot on my bare feet, and the driver shaft didn't taste as good as I had hoped.

We put those buckets on our heads for a photo.  I actually hit the ball better with the bucket on.

Megan posing with her bike and matching jacket.  Don't let her smile deceive you, on the bike she's all business.

Killer Spoons

We played a bunch of games with our cousins.  This video shows a round of us playing Spoons, but instead of leaving the spoons in the middle of the table to grab, we put them about fifty yards away from the table and had to hurdle the deck fence and run and grab them.  It was awesome!  Enjoy the video - especially the part where Megan eats it! 

Good times. 


  1. Did you forget to post a picture of me on the 4th of July????

  2. No we would never forget you Jenny! We love you too much! It's just that we left our camera in Park City that day and have no pictures from the 4th Que.

  3. Yeah...I was beginning to feel left out of the pictures, too. I loved the spoons game video. I can't even remember how to play that game - I just remember that it's dangerous to play it with forks when you don't have spoons!

  4. The video was HILARIOUS!

    I have another great pic of Megan at Janice's house on the 4th of July with Miranda. Go ahead and look- both girls are absolutely adorable!