Sunday, October 25, 2009

"When it Rains, It pours!"

So don't call me an ingrate, (because Alec & I are squatting in my parents lovely home while they are on their mission in Australia for the next three years), BUT. . .does everything have to fall apart at once?
First, it was us getting robbed while my parents were still here, and we had to put a security system in AND build a garage.
Then when my parents had left on their mission, we got a leak in the roof. I am a new home owner (well, sort of. . if you can call what Alec and I are doing as "home ownership", which you can't) but I do know that the elements of the outside are supposed to stay outside!
Next, I get home from work only to step into a puddle of water from our flooding pipes on the basement floor. It was dark when I entered, so I couldn't see the water. You know when you see a stranger who's about to cross the street and is about to step into the deepest sink hole of water ever? And they don't know it! That is the best! (Well, maybe you don't think it's funny either because YOU are the person I am talking about, OR it is because you are a nice, decent human being). I am neither! haha! Anyway, initially we thought we would have to replace the water heater, but it turns out we just needed a new part. Thank Goodness!
Well, this week our furnace had to be shut off after a safety inspection that we failed. . .badly. The carbon monoxide our furnace was producing was extremely high and dangerous. So here I am, in slippers, sweats, and a sweatshirt struggling to type due to my frozen fingers.

So, that's life up here in our home. Can't wait to see what will happen next week!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Living in your parent's home is such a crash course on home-ownership. When we were "watching over" Kurt's parent's house we had three basement floods, two leaks, and a busted AC.

    At our new house we have already had one flood and just bought a brand new furnace. Let us know if you ever need any advice.