Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life is Good!

Whenever I tell people that I am 25 years old they can't believe it. The average age people have me at is 16 years old. I am in the Young Women's presidency in my ward, and even the kids forget that I am a leader. One girl who didn't know my name yet said, "Hey! The leader that looks like she's a young woman come here!"
Someone even wanted to set me up with their grandson as soon as I turned 18. I told the lady that I was 25 and already married. She thought that I was 14 years old. Why she thought to set me up with her grandson I am not sure?! I have been driving for almost 10 years people!
I don't know if it's my chubby cheeks or my playful and probably oh so immature behavior. Or, it could be my husband too. He's a lot like me only he's serious when he says he wants to go doorbell ditching!
I was looking through these pictures and I maybe can see why people think I am so young. Hopefully when I am 40 or something I will still look like I'm 20! I guess 16 is ok for now, atleast people won't have high expectations for me! haha