Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan and happy late Birthday Alec!

So, I am going to have to sneak this in with Alec's post because I can't not mention him and HIS BIRTHDAY. . .LAST WEEK! I just don't think that I was supposed to be born for this generation. I mean, not to be mean, but I kind of feel like I was supposed to have been born in my parents generation. They don't know ANYTHING about computers. I'd like to give myself a little more credit, but, I have never tweeted, I don't have face book (and I am pretty sure I never will) and basically my brother puts me and my parents in the same category as "techno- tards." Whatevs. My little nephew Jeffrey, at 2 years old surprised us all when he told his dad he created a file to put all of his computer games on the web in!!!! YIKES! Kind of scary. Kids are born with little computer chips in their brains these days. Anyways, I was just trying to say that sometimes it is difficult for me to get to a computer and write when I should. So, a little late but never too late to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend named FERD or my husband name ALEC! Sorry it's late babe, but thanks for the good times. Everyday is a laugh with you! I love you!!

We have had an amazing day celebrating the birth of Megan. She started the day by finishing a few flower arrangements for a wedding and taking them down to the temple. When she got back we took off to Soldier Hollow (which was the wrong location for the tour we had booked a reservation for, but it worked out) for some horseback riding! It was such a good time and we will post some pictures of our adventures with our guide Joe and our trusty steeds Chubbs (Megan's horse) and Poncho (my horse).
For now, I will just say that I love you Megan and I love that we have birthdays right next to each other so we just get to go out and party during the month of June.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long Overdue Post

Life has been a little hectic lately with... stuff. So hectic I can't think of everything, but there's been a lot of it. The reason we are posting now, and the reason this is a "Long Overdue Post" on our blog, is because it's dedicated to another "Megan Milestone" (or so they should be called)! This "Megan Milestone" was Megan's first Triathalon back on May 19th. While our marathon experience in April left me dead for awhile, it lit Megan's competitive fire. She signed up almost immediately for the first Triathalon she could, which took place out at the new Daybreak development out woop woop in South Jordan. Daybreak was a great venue for the event, and Megan did so well! It was such an awesome experience out there for both of us. Megan competed in every event with a big smile on her face, and I had a big smile while watching and not having to compete at all. It was pretty chilly outside also, but that didn't phase her. Megan tore up the lake, the bike course and the run, then she just started planning away for more triathalons! She plans to do the Bear Lake Brawl at the end of August, and will do more after that for sure.

It's Go Time!

Orange Heads Getting Ready To Swim

What Incredible Form - Michael Phelps Who?

Transition Action

Megan Won This Bike!
No, not really. But that would be pretty cool. This her bike, the "Baby Blue That Got Her Through."

Good job Megan! I am so, so, so proud of you and can't wait to see you tear up your next event!