Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan and happy late Birthday Alec!

So, I am going to have to sneak this in with Alec's post because I can't not mention him and HIS BIRTHDAY. . .LAST WEEK! I just don't think that I was supposed to be born for this generation. I mean, not to be mean, but I kind of feel like I was supposed to have been born in my parents generation. They don't know ANYTHING about computers. I'd like to give myself a little more credit, but, I have never tweeted, I don't have face book (and I am pretty sure I never will) and basically my brother puts me and my parents in the same category as "techno- tards." Whatevs. My little nephew Jeffrey, at 2 years old surprised us all when he told his dad he created a file to put all of his computer games on the web in!!!! YIKES! Kind of scary. Kids are born with little computer chips in their brains these days. Anyways, I was just trying to say that sometimes it is difficult for me to get to a computer and write when I should. So, a little late but never too late to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend named FERD or my husband name ALEC! Sorry it's late babe, but thanks for the good times. Everyday is a laugh with you! I love you!!

We have had an amazing day celebrating the birth of Megan. She started the day by finishing a few flower arrangements for a wedding and taking them down to the temple. When she got back we took off to Soldier Hollow (which was the wrong location for the tour we had booked a reservation for, but it worked out) for some horseback riding! It was such a good time and we will post some pictures of our adventures with our guide Joe and our trusty steeds Chubbs (Megan's horse) and Poncho (my horse).
For now, I will just say that I love you Megan and I love that we have birthdays right next to each other so we just get to go out and party during the month of June.


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  1. Happy Birthdays Alec and Megan!! We love you guys and are glad to hear you are having a great birthday month together. If you ever get the Disneyland itch, please give us a call!