Sunday, August 8, 2010

OBX - The Greatest Place On Earth

Two weeks ago we got back from the greatest place on earth - the Outer Banks.
The transition back to life has been so difficult that it's taken those full two weeks to write about our awesome vacation.
Every other year the Simmons family takes two weeks away from work, school and responsibility in general to travel to "The Beach" in North Carolina.
Whenever we tell people back here in Utah about our vacation at the beaches in North Carolina, we often get the "oh, North Carolina, huh?" look, because the NC beaches are the world's best kept secret.
California and Hawaii are great and all, but we know that the East Coast is the money coast. So I say, let the world stay on their west coast.
But if you ever get the chance and time to travel east to Nags Head, or Kitty Hawk, or, in our case this year, Salvo, NC, make it happen!
The beaches of North Carolina's Outer Banks are beautiful!
Our daily routine at the beach goes like this: wake up whenever, eat breakfast, hit the beach for swimming, reading, games or just sitting, lunch, hit the beach again for more of the same with a nap as well, dinner, games, bed, repeat.
There is absolutely nothing at all like the beach.
The combination of the beach and the family being together makes for the best vacation.
It's amazing how we can go to the beach, and all troubles and cares drift away, like nothing can go wrong there.
That's why coming back home is always so difficult, but the good times and memories made are amazing, and the two years of waiting between beach trips are always worth the wait.
We'll post more photos later, but here's a few more to give to a taste of the beach.