Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Miles

Hello to everyone we love,
So after a heated battle in the OR, Miles Alec Rampton finally showed his little face to the world. Miles was born June 28, 2011 at 12:57 PM, weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long.
Miles was originally due June 20th but was showing no signs whatsoever that he wanted to be born on the 20th, or the 21st, or even up until they dug him out yesterday. As I said in a recent blog post Megan and I like to relax and show up to casual events on our time and when we feel like it, and so does little Miles obviously.
Megan and I checked into the Women's Center at IMC on State Street and 53rd South Monday night around 7:30 to begin the induction process. Megan was made very comfortable and we had a great nurse named Heidi that talked us through everything and how the whole inducing process would go. The nurse started Megan on a drug to ripen the cervix and hopefully help it expand a little (she hadn't progressed beyond 1 cm in the past two weeks). She was also started on pitocin to try and get the little guy out of their or at least moving in the right direction. Megan dealt with the contractions like a trooper all through Monday night into Tuesday morning while I slept pretty well! She requested the epidural sometime early Tuesday morning which helped with the pain of the contractions, but Miles was just progressing too slowly (she was barely at 2 cm by noon). We are so grateful for our Tuesday nurse Ashley who knew her stuff so well and realized that with each dose of different meds and with each contraction, Miles wasn't digging whatever was being given and his heart rate would drop, but usually come back up. I walked by the nurse station once from behind and saw Ashley and other nurses just staring at their computer screens watching and monitoring their patients and the patient's babies. Just as Megan was starting to enjoy that epidural and finally get some sleep, Ashley came in around 7:30 or 8:00 AM and saw that Miles' heart rate had dropped below his base line and stayed pretty low during a five minute contraction. She asked for assistance form another nurse quickly and calmly, and they started rocking Megan's socks off, back and forth from side to side on her bed trying to get Miles' heart rate to pick up, but it just wasn't working. Megan was totally numb from the waste down through this since she had the epidural and had been pushing her self-dose button pretty regularly, but some how she was able to throw her body from side to side which was just amazing. Before I could blink I was unhooking Megan's hospital bed and she was gone out the door while I was trying to throw in my contacts, get into the OR clothes, and get in the OR with her. Before I even got to the OR one of the nurses told me that Miles' heart rate had immediately stabilized once Megan had been hooked up and shot with some "turbo" drug. So after a few more contractions, Megan was able to come back to her delivery room to resume labor.
We only lasted about another hour or so before Miles continued to struggle through another contraction, and the nurses and our AMAZING Dr. Ponder decided that we just needed to get Miles out with a C-Section. I guess it was technically an "emergency" C- Section, but it wasn't nearly as hectic as our first OR visit. We had time to call grandparents and I didn't have to stumble my way to the OR trying to put on my sterile suit, so it was a much better experience than our first visit. Megan was laid on the table and prepped for surgery. I stood back holding her left hand and once the anesthetic kicked in, Dr. Ponder and her assistant went to work, and it was seriously a work out! I felt so bad for Megan throughout the surgery, but I am so proud of her and her strength. Her pelvis is a little off, so getting Miles out was quite a bit more difficult than everyone had anticipated. Every time the docs tried to push him out from one end and pull from the incision, Miles' head would slip down beneath the incision instead of scooping up and out of it... if that makes sense? He was being really stubborn and refusing to come out. The docs tried two different vacuums to suck his little noggin out, but both failed, and everyone in the room had vocalized the fact that the vacuums being used were a new model and didn't work as well as the old ones they used to use. Nurse Ashley found an old model, and after all the pushing, pulling, cutting, jumping, stomping, and head scratching, Miles finally flew out! They're so rubbery when they come out...crazy! It was so cool to watch the whole thing! (Sorry Megs) Immediately after Miles was born, he was rushed to a nurses table in the corner of the OR to be looked at considering the fact that it was a C-Section (and a SUPER brutal C-Section). I was able to snatch a few photos as best I could, but as he came out he wasn't really wanting to breath on his own, (so he's lazy like his old man) so he was immediately given oxygen and a whole bunch of other gadgets to help his transition, which made it tough to get a picture as you can tell by the attached photo with the nurse's hand over his face. After a few quick photos I went back to give props to Megan and help her calm down because she was shaking like a leaf (she is so amazing) and watch Dr. Ponder sew her up, until I looked up to where Miles had been but saw an empty corner! Miles and all twelve of those nurses were gone down to the NICU to get him started on about a dozen procedures, and it was a little shocking at first.
After Megan was all sewn up, we all went back to our delivery room to rest up a little bit, and after about an hour we were moved to our new room on the third floor of the Women's Center.
The next few hours were pretty surreal as we sat wondering first, oh man we have a baby, but more importantly we were wondering how that baby was doing. We were really tired (Megan especially as you can imagine), and the feelings we had were all over the place. We were excited, nervous, but overall just exhausted. I felt terrible for Megan! She had carried Miles and dealt with him through all of his late night dance parties and mid-afternoon furniture moves during pregnancy, she'd been beaten nearly to death by doctors for about 45 minutes, and the little culprit was taken out and swept away before she could even see him! It didn't seem right! But we knew that it was all for the good of the little guy and in his best interests and all that, so we waited patiently.
After a few hours of waiting, I was finally able to wheel Megan down to see him in all his glory, and he is beautiful! We were told by Dr. Ponder about some of the preliminary precautions they were taking in the NICU, and how things were looking promising for him. The NICU nurses explained the different things they were doing for him as well, the main process being the chilling process. Miles' birth was so rough that he went through some fairly serious trauma on his way into this world, and since he wasn't really wanting to breath on his own right away, they placed him on a chilling bed, keeping him at 31 degrees celsius (give or take a few degrees) in order to kick his systems into their proper function. Several concerns came up considering his crazy birth, but we were just happy that he made it here with ten fingers, ten toes, and strikingly good looks. We have now visited him several times down in the NICU, and after an MRI, an ultra sound of his head (which came out with perfect results) and a bunch of other tests, he is getting better every minute of every day. He'll still be cooled for another day and a half, then warmed over a period of five hours until hopefully he gains total alertness and a desire to eat and get back to growing as he should... without tubes in every opening and on a bed at room temperature. I will say that he's no boy of mine unless he spends some time with tubes in and out of all of his openings! The best part of all came shortly after his birth when they tried to intubate Miles and he grabbed that tube and yanked it out and immediately began to breath room air. I wish I could have done that when they always did that to me, those things are the worst! But he showed us his little attitude and again how he's going to do some things on his terms.
We met with Dr. Ponder today a couple of times, and each report comes back positive, reassuring, and really just a blessing. He's getting better and looking better every time we head down to the NICU.
We are so very blessed. We appreciate all of the love and prayers on our family's behalf. It has been a bit of a shock that Miles has struggled a bit here considering how well Megan's pregnancy went, but for one reason or another he's got little trials that he can learn from and we can learn from, and learning from life's difficulties is always a beautiful thing, and this little guy is a gift from our Father in Heaven.
We are all here and happy in the hospital for now. Megan may be out in a few days, probably sooner since she's a rock star and we like to make it a habit of getting out of these places as fast as we can. Miles will have a bit longer of a stay since he's got to be warmed up after his 72 hours of chillin' are over and after he's learned a few things here and there, but he'll make it just fine, we are sure of that. We will try to keep you all posted as best we can if anything changes, but for now, we're good. Again, we thank you all for your love, your prayers, the temple prayer roll submissions, your thoughts, and every good vibe sent our way from all over the world. We feel them all and they continue to work for our benefit.

Peace and love,
Alec "I just showed up and watched" Rampton
Megan "I was just beaten up by professional physicians but still won the fight" Rampton
Miles "The world's youngest prize-fighter" Rampton

We will post more pictures later.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's going on

So for both of you that follow our blog once in a while, KJ Choi being a good philanthropist (see post below) is definitely not the coolest thing that's happened to us in the past month. We have been a little busy getting ready for a baby that was actually due yesterday. Megan and I like to live life without much of an agenda. We get places when we feel like getting to them. So I guess this kid is ours, and he's going to get here when he feels like it.
For all of you kind souls that have asked or wondered, I am doing fine. I am taking this pregnancy thing in stride. I am sleeping well and am very well taken care of.....and Megan is fine too.
I kid, I kid! Megan is doing really well and is just ready for this baby to show himself, and I'm sure all of you mothers can sympathize. We appreciate all of your love and concern, and all of the prayers offered on our behalf. I'm sure that the little dude is holding on to anything he can in there screaming, "No! Not yet! I like the cute one but not that tall one! He doesn't have a clue!"
Above all, we are excited for this great blessing in our lives. We know it will be a big change, and we have learned a lot through the many changes we have had in life, so bring it on!
We will do our best to keep everyone in the know when Megan delivers, but in the meantime, enjoy this little masterpiece that I watched for the first time last night.

Get excited