Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Latest

I'm sitting here at Miles' bedside writing post and thanking our Heavenly Father for this gift of a son. We just past his one week of life mark, and it's amazing how much he has progressed and how happy he has made us. Since the last post, Megan was released from the hospital and Miles has been warmed from his 72 hour chill session and has responded really well. He has had several tubes taken out and several different monitors have been removed from his room. He also has a new bed as of today! It's one of those transparent Tupperware tubs on wheels, so while it looks like a downgrade it's actually a nice big step closer to bustin' out of this joint. He just sneezed seven times in a row so I'm pretty sure he's developed and allergy for this place which I guess is another step in the right direction. The docs have been very pleased with his progression and while the initial estimate of him coming home was today, he just has a few little areas where they'd like more growth before he leaves. It's difficult not having him ready to come home, but we know he's going to be just fine and will make it home soon, and that he will be strong and ready to come home when he finally does. It has been difficult to have him here in the NICU while we go home each night without him, but we are so grateful to have such amazing people watching over him and caring for him, and we won't complain about getting some much needed sleep while they take care of him. It has just been amazing to feel the love we have developed for him in such a short amount of time, and he hasn't even given me a compliment yet! We like coming to visit him and feed him. My favorite thing to do in life now is what they call kangaroo care where Miles lays bare chested on my bare chest after Megan has fed him and we just relax. My old favorite thing to do in life was golf, so this is an awesome new favorite thing...if only I could combine the two...probably not, oh well. While it has been tough to see Miles in the NICU, and hard sometimes to come home thinking he's out there at IMC without us, it has helped Megan recover from the surgery and helped me recover from whatever I've done to help the little guy get here. It's also been a blessing in disguise having Miles in the hospital as our love for him has grown stronger and we have longed for him when we are not holding him or kissing his forehead.
Like almost all of our blog posts, this post has been written at different times during the day. I started it when we were a little bit discouraged about Miles' situation. We weren't sure when he'd be home or how his MRI would go today, but we found out a few hours ago that he passed his MRI perfectly and now he just needs a little but of consistency in some other areas before he comes home to us, so we are super excited and can't wait for his spirit to enter our home. He actually needed to feed while a doctor examined his ability to do so, and just like his old man he performed when the pressure was on and blew their minds with how well he did - Mr. Clutch!

So hopefully little Miles will be home soon. We will keep this blog as updated as possible.
Peace and love
The Miles Shaka


  1. So glad he is doing well and getting closer to getting the heck out of there. We are so happy for you guys he is so dang cute. Hang in there the NICU can sure be a beat down.

  2. Alec & megs,
    Congratulations you guys! Miles is so dang handsome. Megs, I just read the post below, you are a trooper. What a lucky guy that you're his mom. You guys will be fantastic parents. Miss you!
    love Julie Bechthold (Snyder)

  3. WOW - what a champ! Congrats to you both and wishing you the very best and a quick arrival home for Miles. He will be in our prayers! All our love - mcCall

  4. Congratulations!! Wow... what a whirlwind... I am sorry you guys have had to go through all of this! Like we were talking about Megan... you never know what is going to happen and what to even be prepared for! Miles is adorable.... and I totally see Simmons in his eyes:) Hope all is well. Love ya.

  5. He's amazing. It's incredible what little babies are capable of! This post was awesome and we've been thinking about you guys, hoping all is well!