Monday, July 11, 2011

Miles is Home!

We spent a lot of time in the NICU last week watching little Miles get better everyday. We were getting so excited for him to finally come and grace us with his presence in our home when we hit a few snags on Wednesday. A few more requirements needed to be met in order for him to come home. In all honesty it seemed like a bunch of nonsense in our minds, but when it comes to kicking off a life on the right healthy track you don't question the professionals too much. Megan and I were determined to help the little chunk get the best care he needed from us and decided to "room in" in the hospital on Thursday night in order to give him his needed feedings and make sure he was good to make it through a night without the nurses. "Roomng In" consists of staying in a hotel-like room down the hall from the NICU with the baby at our bedside, still within the hospital. It's a cool experience and was very comforting to us, knowing that if we had any issues with Miles there were nurses about twenty steps away. The Rooming In went super well and we felt very confident having Miles come home with us. When we woke up on Friday, we got ready for the day, totally thinking it was a for sure done deal that Miles would be coming home with us, until our nurse (whom we had never seen before - all of our other nurses were awesome and had spent a couple of days/nights with Miles each) told us that she didn't think he was quite ready to come home yet. This news didn't sit well with us, to say he least. Thank goodness it isn't up to the nurses to decide who is ready to be discharged from the hospital and who is not, because Miles' amazing doc (from Madison - shout out to Badger Nation) took one look at Miles and his chart and said, "Looks like you guys are going to have a road trip!". Miles was coming home! We were so happy! In your face Nurse That Knows Nothing! Just kidding, she was helpful in many ways but her bad attitude in no way reflects the IMC NICU staff as a whole. We had amazing experiences there and loved our nurses and doctors for all of the love they showed baby Miles during his extended stay vacation there. But we were ecstatic to find out that Miles' sweet spirit was finally going to be in our home!

So we are here at home and happy. We have been so blessed with this little guy. We love learning how to be parents, and frankly I'm amazed anyone could consider me a parent! My first fish died after one weekend - rest in peace Carl the fish. But we love Miles, much more than I loved Carl, and he is such a stud of a baby. Megan is doing an amazing job of keeping the little moocher fed and well rested even though he is a heavy eater. He is also a deep sleeper and we usually have to wake him up so that he will feed. He is honestly the most beautiful thing in our world right now, and he's a pretty good addition to our family.
And since he is so beautiful, we ask that you be the judge of who's beauty, mine or Megan's, he possesses more of. In other words, does Miles have more Megan, or more Alec in his blood? Or is he just a good mix?
We have included some of our baby pictures (thanks to grandmas Janice and Diane for retainig these photos) for you to compare with Miles' mug.




  1. HOORAY!!! Welcome home, Miles! I wonder if you had any of the nurses we did when Sawyer was in that NICU; we loved almost every single one.

    And I think he's a good mix of you two, but maybe a bit more Megan. He's gorgeous!

  2. Wow!!! He looks just like a Simmons. Sorry Alec, but I think those Simmons genes are too over-powering.

    He is adorable!!!

  3. I think he looks like Megan. But it doesn't really matter who he looks like he is adorable! I knew you would have a cute kid. I need to come and see him in person. I am glad he is home with you, we have been thinking about you guys lots.

  4. I'd say more Megan! SO glad he's home and is doing well!

  5. I vote for "a mix". So glad he's home!