Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Month

Miles is one month and still alive, which is pretty amazing if your parents are Megan and Alec... well really just if you have Alec as a parent. Now that we are in a month, I can say something I have thought about since Megan and I were getting ready for Miles to come. We have noticed that as we grow up, we go along thinking our parents, or parents in general, have things figured out as far as parenting goes. We assume they have all the answers. Even as reckless teenagers we find some sort of comfort in believing that our parents know what the best thing to do will be in any given situation, and I am here to tell you that we were dead wrong! Parents don't have a clue! They take whatever minimal amount of knowledge television has given them, add a little personal experience, and try putting it to use on their children. Then, if it works out, they live to fight another day. If it doesn't work out, their kids rebel until they need some money. I know these things because I am a parent. He may only be one month old today, but he is still going to be placing some unholy amount of trust in me, and I have no idea what I'm going to do, I'll just guess, use a little TV know-how, and hope for the best. Miles is showing his confidence in me in the photo above - thanks Jordan and Camilla for the sweet onesie!
Of course I joke about all of these things. While it's true that parents do have to figure many things out as they go along, maybe at a child's expense here and there, they are the source of strength we need to feel comfortable in life. All of you underage readers we have, don't go yelling at your parents saying that I told you they're clueless monsters that give you pointless and unproven rules to abide by. Your parents know many things and have learned many things from you, as you have from them, and love is the best teacher and all that garbage.
Anyway, happy one month to Miles. To celebrate, we will relive a great moment from earlier this month caught on camera in Yankee Stadium by Megan's older brother Christopher and his wife Lisa.
Derek Jeter - 3,000 Hits


  1. Truly sweet onesie! I want to go on record as saying we ALWAYS told you kids that we were learning how to be parents just as you were learning how to be kids. We were all blissfully ignorant! This evening we were, however, discussing your early "parenting" skills as evidenced by "Carl" and the UFO's. So glad you have learned a few things since then. Love you all!

  2. Megan! I stumbled upon your blog! Baby Miles is so stinkin cute! I saw all your others posts about him. Glad everything is going good!