Saturday, September 24, 2011

BYU v. Utah - Miles' First BYU Game

Last weekend we took Miles to his first BYU football game,
and it just happened to be the BYU v. Utah rivalry game.
It really didn't feel like a rivalry game, but that's another topic for another day.

It was so fun to see how Miles reacted to the crowd and all of the noise.
The night was a good night to remember, too bad the game was LAME.
BYU lost the game, I forget the score...54 to something. It's not important.

Here's a little taste of little Miles' first night in Provo

Miles after we told him we were going to the game

The field-sized American Flag for the National Anthem. Pretty cool.

It got a little chilly... there is a baby in there

Miles with Megan right before kickoff.
He didn't like how the guy over my shoulder was looking at him, I guess.

Miles after one of the many Ute touchdowns

Thanks to Aunt Kate for this great photo with the crew

Go Cougs


  1. Miles just keeps getting cuter!! And true blue suits him. I am glad you have something positive to remember about that game.

  2. This game must have had something to do with that tainted BYU bear given by awesome Ute fans!