Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alec, Ayek, Ferd, Lalec, Da-Da... Happy 29th Birthday! Holy cow we are old (not really but kind of) Life has been quite crazy lately and I can't believe it is already June! I wish we could freeze frame this month until we get settled into our new house so we could actually enjoy the best month of the year. Since we can't (bummer), at least we had the chance to take a break and celebrate you! First of are 29!...second of all...we have been married almost 7 years!...third of all... our lil baby is almost 1! Were we around when all of this time flew by? Everyone says its only going to get faster. Yikes, I don't  like the sound of that. Who started the tradition of putting one extra candle on their birthday cake anyway?  29 going on 30? What the heck does that mean? Oh well. Anyways, after all of this rambling I really just wanted to say that I love you and happy birthday! xoxo Megs
 Your happy birthday hike to donut falls eating a donut...or bagel. Haha
Miles smiling because you are his daddy
I love that you are trying to recreate the sketch of you as a baby. Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 9, 2012


My parents are almost home. HIP!HIP! HOORAY! 3 years is such a long time to be away from family, especially when little ones are born.  It was quite evident that we needed to pay Australia a visit so the grandparents could see their little grandson. So, here is Miles little journey in Australia. Lucky Kid!
Grandpa's first time seeing his grandson. Oh how I miss those tears Daddy!
Mom and my little man reunited.

Dad snuggled with Miles every chance he could get. Several days my parents would come and get Miles out of bed in the early hours of the morning just so they could sleep with him! Adorable!

The coastal walk on Bondi Beach is gorgeous!

My mom is sooo beautiful!

A Trip to the Sydney Zoo. Talk about prime real estate.

Alec sizing up the competition

Ferry Rides around Sydney Harbour. My dad was man enough to put Miles in a Sling. 

Cute Grandma Bonne
and yes,
 we went to Church! 
But then played some more. . .

Everyone loves Alec!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

my mission "mum" and dad

  I think the reason I postpone blogging about Australia is because it makes me homesick for my parents. The other day in church (shhh. . . don't tell) I google mapped Sydney Australia, and more specifically the places in Sydney that Alec and I have had the opportunity to visit. (a.k.a Bondi Beach!!)  The Aussies really are spoiled with their beautiful views. They have some of the most amazing beaches in the world! sooooo jealous. (All we have for water is a lake...that stinks, literally).
 Anyway, seeing as how my parents only have a little over 4 months left of their 3 year long mission I think I have the strength to post something about them with out getting too emotional or homesick for them. They were called as mission presidents to serve in the Sydney, Australia mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Let me tell ya, if there was any one in the world that you would want to have as your mission president and mission "mum," it would be Jeff and Diane Simmons.  I know that I am biased, but they are the coolest people I know. As I have "matured," (I put it in quotes because people that know me know that the word mature is not really a word that is usually associated with my name) I have realized just how lucky I am to have them as my parents.  They both are rockstars when it comes to making people laugh, making people feel good about themselves, and most of all making people feel loved.  I am so jealous of the Missionaries that have been able to have them in their life these past years, but I am glad I could share my oh so awesome parents/buddies. They have worked extremely hard in Australia and through their example I have learned that missionary work is truly amazing.
  What I have enjoyed the most is having had the opportunity to visit my parents many times and meet the people they work and serve with. All of the times that I have returned to America after spending a couple weeks with my parents, i have just cried.  I longed to go back. I want to be with them, to participate in missionary work, and just be where the spirit is so strong. My mom lights up a room with her ear to ear smile and her quirky isms that make her Diane.  She is soooo brilliant when she speaks to the missionaries and to strangers because her spirit and words just stick to your heart.  She is also hilarious! There are so many great stories about her and her crazy funny street contacts.

   I love and respect my Mom and Dad very much. My Dad is a guy that everyone enjoys being around. In a word. . .uplifting. Your spirits will always be uplifted when he is around.  He is funny (he thinks he's REALLY funny, so it makes him even funnier). He is a loyal friend and a great example.  The Elders and Sisters look up to them and genuinely love them as if they were their own parents.  My parents have taken the time to get to know each missionary individually and it is evident to me that they will never forget one another.  It's so special. My parents are very easy to trust, and always easy to love.  I have learned in my life that my parents don't hesitate one second to help their children or others in need.  It is an admirable gift and for that reason alone they are incredible. O.K. I better stop now, because now I miss them.  Now that I am a parent, (crazy, I know) I am able to see that my parents love me, want to protect me and want the very best for me.  I know that's the way I feel about my lil guy Miles.  Life is crazy, but oh so worth it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And We're Back

So we've been slacking on posting stuff about us and especially Miles. Megan and I look the same, but Miles has grown and now has a beard. He shaved for these photos though. So here's a little dose of the Rampton life. Enjoy!
Miles in his Jump N Go
He loves this thing so much he keeps kicking his legs as though he were still in it for hours after we've taken him out.
Enjoying some rice cereal
I don't know how, that stuff is disgusting.
Family portrait on Temple Square
You can make your own caption here
Another Johnny Jump Up N Go session

For these next three photos, please help us out and create your own caption by commenting on the Photo # (1, 2, 3 or 4) and then your caption. We will pick the winning caption, and its author gets to feed Miles some oatmeal.
Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4

And here's a pretty funny YouTube video of a dude singing his order at the Sonic Drive-Thru. I think anybody who spends more than 30 bucks at Sonic has issues though.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's to you Blue Monday!

These people in their cars will tell ya that January bites. They are now out of their cars and hiking up our hill. 
Sorry if I am about to offend any of you January Birthdays out there BUT. . . January has got to be the worst month ever!  From August until November you have the pretty fall leaves changing colors and Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't love a holiday where all you do is eat and watch football?! Then you anticipate Christmas in December and the opportunities that come with it... Family,Temple Square lights, hearts and thoughts toward the Savior. There's always fun Christmas parties to go, good movies at the theater, skiing (not so much this past december), and the feeling that you have gotten fatter this year, because welp... ya did.  Then you have February (which I love because I am a florist) and you sense the weather will be changing soon.  I Absolutely LOVE the springtime! Then comes my birthday in June. (Go June-babies! Alec and little Miles). Then the Simmons family North Carolina beach trip in July. . . boo-yeah (if anyone says that anymore, I don't know). So. . . what does January have? . . besides Alec's mom's birthday? (Happy birthday Janice) Absolutey nothin.' Blank, dreary, nothing-to-do January.  I have always disliked January because it's so depressing. I have to give it to January this year. It was in fact the most enjoyable January due to it's spring like weather and sunshine. Did you know that the fourth Monday in JANUARY is Scientifically Proven to be the most depressing day of the YEAR!!!!! That's today people! So if you have had a terrible blue day today, it's most likely that you are experiencing BLUE MONDAY, the most depressing day of the year.