Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And We're Back

So we've been slacking on posting stuff about us and especially Miles. Megan and I look the same, but Miles has grown and now has a beard. He shaved for these photos though. So here's a little dose of the Rampton life. Enjoy!
Miles in his Jump N Go
He loves this thing so much he keeps kicking his legs as though he were still in it for hours after we've taken him out.
Enjoying some rice cereal
I don't know how, that stuff is disgusting.
Family portrait on Temple Square
You can make your own caption here
Another Johnny Jump Up N Go session

For these next three photos, please help us out and create your own caption by commenting on the Photo # (1, 2, 3 or 4) and then your caption. We will pick the winning caption, and its author gets to feed Miles some oatmeal.
Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4

And here's a pretty funny YouTube video of a dude singing his order at the Sonic Drive-Thru. I think anybody who spends more than 30 bucks at Sonic has issues though.


  1. Love all these photos! Miss you guys mucho mucho. Photo #1 - imagine a thought bubble... little miles is dreaming of playing on the beach in his lil speedo. only 156 more days... haha thats all i got :) love you three!

  2. Photo #3 "Wingardium Leviosa...ugh why is my dad so heavy?!"