Saturday, December 28, 2013

September 2013

It's been 4 1/2 months since we've posted so here's some smaller posts to hopefully catch up. 
September consisted of no changes in my health really and some run drives to take in the last of summer and the slow transition into fall. 
It has been such a blessing to enjoy some relatively good energy in order to spend time as a family. On the many days when I had no energy to go out, Megan coped and relieved stress by demolishing our basement so that we can hopefully make it a livable area. 
She's an animal, and has done more than I could ever imagine as our own family contractor and as our mother, wife, nurse and care-taker. She's amazing!
So yeah, September was good to us. 

Monday, August 12, 2013


I ran into a couple of people this past weekend who didn't even know that I was out of the hospital. So considering that I've been out of the hospital since Miles' birthday (June 28th) I thought we'd actually post an update on us on the blog and maybe a few more people can get a nice surprise. 
As I said I left the hospital on Miles' birthday at the end of June having had my kidneys fixed almost completely. The docs were pretty surprised by how well my kidneys rebounded, and Miles celebrated with a cupcake. The only problem with my kidneys doing so well meant that I was no longer on dialysis which kept me high on the liver transplant list. Now I am barely on the list, but am still listed and still not feeling even close to 50% of myself. So even though I am lower on the transplant list than I was when I was actually listed, I feel nowhere as good as I did when I was listed, if that makes sense? The listing system is a messed up system in a lot of ways, but we'll live with it and be grateful we have a system period that provides the opportunity to have a life saved. I feel good almost everyday now, but I have little or no energy (especially by the end of the day), I have no muscle mass at all, and my diet is a work in progress as I try to introduce new foods every day and see how my system tolerates each one of them. My staple is fish and rice, so that's good. 
It has been amazing to be home with Megan and Miles. It has come with its challenges since Miles is an amazing but also busy 2 year old, but the more time I am away from the hospital, the more I don't ever want to go back there, except for the actual liver transplant of course.  
In the meantime, we "wait" without really waiting for the phone call with a new liver to come, meaning we're not on the edge of our seats right now but are trying to live our lives as normally as possible, not knowing at all when I'm going to even get sick enough to qualify for a new liver. We keep pretty busy though. 
Megan has been doing a lot of biking, both road and mountain, of which I am super jealous, but it keeps her sane and happy, as do her projects around the house, like putting new flooring in our laundry room. 
We've spent good time with family

And we've done a whole lotta sitting and relaxing, since that's about the extent of my activity these days. 

And below is a photo of all that was left of Miles' waffle with strawberries and cream from Bruges. I had none. 
Well sir, that's us for now. Sorry to anybody who didn't know that I was out of the hospital but, I am! And it's been great! Keep the prayers coming our way if you can. They are definitely working and we need them!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fundraiser Success!

This is actually everybody's liver patient Alec giving a quick report on how well the BBQ Silent Auction fundraiser went last week!  While I was so sad that I couldn't make it to the party (especially since I was suffering at the time with some severe abdominal pains) I was so happy to hear about the great turnout we had and more importantly the great time everybody had at the event. 
We can thank all of you enough for coming and contributing in so many different ways. Whether it was donated items for the auction, preparing goodies for the bake goods sale, and all the hands that went into organizing and carrying out the fundraiser. 

A special Thank You needs to be made to Michael Holton, and worked so hard and was constantly in communication with Megan getting everything together. Of course I need to thank my sweet Megan. She would spend nearly every minute of our times together out at the hospital working on different aspects of organizing for the fundraiser. She has always been such a dedicated person to anything that needs to get done, and she'll work like crazy until it gets done, but was still always so sweet to come and visit me every day and give us our time that I always need in the hospital. She is the most amazing wife, mother and person I have ever known. 
So the fundraiser was a huge success and we able to continue to raise money for our astronomical medical bills.  So again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support! We feel so blessed to know so many loving, selfless, caring and generous people. You are all literally saving my life and our family. The prayers and fast never go unnoticed, and I cry for joy to be connected to so many amazing people. We love you all!

With all this, we continue to wait for a new liver to become available. While the waiting has been difficult, we continue to focus on the fact that we can't pray for a liver to become available now. Rather, we pray for patience and to be accepting of God's timing for us. We remain confident that The Lord will bless me with a new liver, and recognize that it will be on His timetable -not ours. 

As I said before, we love you all, and are grateful for your continued love and prayers on our behalf. 

Until we post again!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rampton Fundraiser

Come and Join us for a

 Potluck BBQ and Silent Auction
to benefit
 Alec Rampton

Alec is suffering from a liver disorder and is currently awaiting a transplant.  His disease is called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). However, Alec and Megan prefer to call it "the jerk," because that is how it treats them:) All proceeds will help his family with medical bills caused by "the jerk."

Friday, June 21st, 2013-6:30 P.M.
Monument Park 14th ward pavilion
2255 South Wasatch Drive

Contact Michael Holton to contribute food :
Or to donate an item(s) to the Silent Auction contact:

The Silent Auction bidding will begin at 6:30 P.M. and close at 7:30 P.M. Winning bidders can collect their items that evening. There will be “BUY NOW” items available such as #RAMPTONSTRONG wristbands, baked goods, jewelry, original artwork cards by Megan Rampton, etc.

For those who are able to donate an item(s) for the Silent Auction, please email with the following information:
1.Your name and contact info;
2. Item(s) to be auctioned;
3. your minimum bid;
4. whether you need (or want) to bring the auctioned item to the event earlier at 5:30 p.m.; or
 whether you would like to drop off the item at another date/time for your convenience.

*Please bring item(s) to the pavilion (2255 S. Wasatch drive) on Friday the 21st, at 5:30  p.m.

Thank you all for showing so much love and support to the Rampton Family!  
Hope to see you there!
For more info about Alecs’ progress :

If you would like to order a RAMPTONSTRONG wristband please contact: or get them at the event!

please R.S.V.P to so we can plan accordingly for food! Thanks!

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Honey is Home!

Alec was able to bust out of the hospital this week! We are so happy to have him home with us. Just to be clear. . .Alec has not yet received a transplant. After 3 weeks in there it was time to get out of there!  The Docs felt that he was well enough to return home but under a watchful eye.  We have a nurse that comes to our house several times a week to do labs. Alec goes to the Intermountain Dialysis center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for dialysis.  It is very taxing even at home but at least he is now waiting at our house instead of the hospital for a transplant. We would still like to treat his return as if he were at the hospital.  He is extremely tired and fatigued and needs to rest as much as possible. So, at this time we aren't able to have visitors. The texts, emails, and cards are awesome! We appreciate them sooooooo much. Because honestly what else can you do when you are sitting in a chair all day long?!  I'll write more later but as for now we are going to bed.  Goodnight! xoxo

p.s. Thank you Bonneville Mortgage for your awesome card. Alec LOVED it!!

Has anyone ever noticed that the 13th floor doesn't exist at the hospital? Superstitious much? (I guess I wouldn't want to be on the 13th floor. Oh, and also, they don't have rooms with 13 in them either).

 I tried to feng shui his hospital room. I rolled his bed around so that instead of him staring at the wall he would be able to stare outside his window. Not bad eh?
 All of the nurses loved coming into his room because it was colorful and filled with happy photos. Besides that, they LOVED Alec.  (Who doesn't though really?!)  One dude nurse loved Alec so much that he tried to switch with his co-worker. He told him that he would take 2 of his patients if he could give him Alec. How sweet is that?!

 When Alec got a little down and discouraged, my cousin and I made this poster and hung it in his room.  This is definitely our new motto this time around (Thank you Winston Churchill).  Last liver go around it was, "Just keep swimming." You know what? I'm done swimming. . .throw me a rope people!

                    The day we busted out of that joint! That was our nurse Nathan. He is awesome!

 Thanks for the great card Bonneville Mortgage! There is nothing like Seinfeld and Simpsons quotes to cheer you up!

                                                           Alec and some of his fam

                                       Chillin in the only shaded spot of our house that day

                                                              Home Sweet Home.

Dialysis trip

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Feelin good

So, Funny story. . .I was really really tired at the hospital and while Alec went in to use the restroom, I decided i would jump in his hospital bed and take a nap.  A knock came at the door, followed by a surprised woman looking at me and then back at her chart.  I realized she was confused and before she could say anything I said, "I'm not Alec. He's in there! as I pointed to the restroom door." She was quite relieved and so was I.  I mean, what if I had been asleep and she assumed Alec was a girls name? and proceeded to give me a shot? or something? yikes! Thank goodness I was awake.

Well, not long after this little experience came this next one.  Alec and I had taken a nap together in his hospital bed. We were so tired, and it just felt nice to actually be lying next to my husband.  We passed out quickly.  One of the Liver Doctors came in to speak with Alec.  I heard them talking for a few minutes and decided I should participate.  Apparently the Doctor didn't know that I was in the hospital bed with Alec because when I interjected into the conversation he was shocked and sort of took a hop back.   He started laughing a little because it had surprised him.  He was standing so close to Alec and didn't notice me.  I guess I was under pillows and blankets or something.  It was just a funny moment:)

This past week we have taken a turn for the better.  Alec is regaining some strength and gaining a teeeeeeeny bit of the 25 lbs he had lost from last week.  He is looking less green and sick. It also helps when you shave.  This past week I surprised Alec by having his Barber come and give him a haircut and real shave. Ray is the man, and it made his day.  So thanks Ray from Rays Barborshop!

                                                                     Before Photo

                                                                      After Photo

 We are happy to say, that he does indeed feel a lot better. And I will quote Alec right now as he says, "I'm feeling good. . .well, as good as I can be." Last week was pretty dang scary.  This week, he is looking better, he is eating (well via feeding tube), and he is feeling better.  No word on a liver yet, but, we are still positive that it is coming.  Alec and his doctors are taking this time to really get Alec ready for a transplant.  They are trying to get him in tip top shape so that he will do well in surgery when the time comes.  

The other day, Alec and I took a little stroll outside the hospital where we met up with My Aunt and Uncle.  There is a nice little river that runs alongside the walking path here.  We threw a blanket down and a couple of pillows and Alec napped for about an hour while my Aunt and Uncle and I fed the little ducks some of Alec's nasty hospital sandwich (they seemed to enjoy it:)) It was really one of the most enjoyable days we have had here. So thanks guys! 

Here is the update and it is a positive one. Alec is doing great. We aren't worried to be waiting for an organ the way that he is feeling NOW.  He is doing much much much better. All I can say is that your prayers and fasts are working.  His meld score is 33. He is the top of the list and the entire transplant team are working hard on our behalf.  I have never met more kind and optimistic people than the transplant team.  They are amazing, and we seriously love them.  We talk sports, show pictures of the fam, talk about 'THE BEACH' joke around and of course have serious conversations as well.  Dr Frech is the man and has really helped Alec out emotionally. We have already made plans with some of docs and nurses out here to hang out after this all.  Good people. 

We will let you know what else is going on but for now this is all we know.  We are happy, we are being fed (thank you everybody for feeding Me and Miles' tummies) and we are feeling optimistic. Quite the change from last week thats for sure.  So, relax a little and know that we for the moment are doing very well all things considered.  


Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautiful Faces!

All we can say is WOW! Thank you so very much for all of the emails sent Alec's way. He didn't know that I had sent an email out telling all of you to send as many happy, positive, emails and texts his way.  So when he woke up in the morning, he saw that he had several emails waiting to be read. .He LOVES them! He may not respond, but he is getting them and it is making a difference.  It's nice to see him smile and watch his eyes glitter with hope and happiness. So, thank you. keep the emails and texts coming.

When you are at the hospital, you feel somewhat isolated from everyone.  Especially because he isn't well enough to have visitors.  I had this idea that I would ask all of you to send photos of yourselves holding up a message to Alec.  The response so far has been tremendous! This is going to be an ongoing project, so please, if you would like to add to the lot please do! Email me your photo:   I have compiled the photos that we have received thus far and turned it into a slideshow. I showed it to Alec yesterday, and he just bawled (happy of course). He said, "Megan, I REALLY needed that. That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." It really makes a difference when you can SEE with your eyes all of the people that love you and are thinking of you everyday.  THANK YOU ALL! Our family is happier and doing better because of you! xo 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One week later and we are still here at the hospital. The pros: our awesome nurses and transplant team, pain meds, fun visits and posters, boost breeze, and a watchful eye. The cons: no open windows, boring, nurses keep coming in when sleeping, physical therapist jostling you at of bed at 7 in the a.m And asks you to do squats, hospital food, yuck! We really are so thankful to be taken care of out here at IMC hospital. If you can love a hospital, well then, we love this one. While we don't exactly want to be here right now we are still glad to feel peace here.

So Alec isn't well enough to come home. I know at times he has gone crazy in here and just wants to get out. But then on the other hand, he and I are really glad that we are here and that we are watched over every minute of the day. We have made good friends with our nurses... Jason, Nathan, Cathy, Stephanie, and Rayma. Alec loves the dude nurses and he says if anyone is going to heaven then its Jason. He is a cool dad and takes care of All of us, not just Alec. He is really comforting.

So the update on Alec: He is the top of the blood type A transplant list. That mean that as soon as a liver becomes available and viable it's his. It's hard to watch him right now. He has some pretty good days in here but the last 3 days haven't been so hot. Lots of abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, and constipation. Poor guy threw up a few times last night. His kidneys have slightly improved but not enough to send him home. And to be honest, as much as he and I want him to go home it doesn't feel right, so as Victor nivorskgy says from the movie the terminal, "WE WAIT."

It can be and is a difficult thing, waiting. We see the finish line up ahead and like the lyrics in one of our favorite bands F.U.N. says, "I put one foot in front of the other!" There is this funny card that I have at home that has a picture of a tunnel on the front and a caption that says, "there is a light at the end of the tunnel..." And on the inside of the card it says, "just pray its not a train." So true right?! Alec has memorized the children's book, "going on a bear hunt" because he has read it so many times to miles. I have sweet memories of putting miles in our bed when he can't get to sleep and Alec whispering the words of going n a bear hunt to Miles while paying with his hair until he falls asleep. So, just like the bear hunt and all of the obstacles they face while try g to catch their bear, "we can't go under it, can't go over it, we have to go through it!" So, the only way out is through. (Unfortunatly).

People comment about our humor and the positive attitudes we have as we are going through something so difficult. We often hear, "how do you guys do it?! How do you stay so positive?" So other than the fact that we are totally awesome, super funny and incredible peeps, haha, I'll tell you our recipe for tough times: Rule #1. Let go. As soon as you realize you have no control over the situation,  your life becomes a lot easier. It's nice to have our faith and knowledge that Heavenly Father is taking care of us. Rule # 2: we have adapted from president hinckley and his words, " you can either be happy and wise, or miserable and stupid." We can't change our situation. It's a fact. So, we try and at least create a force field of positivity and humor to help shift the heaviness of it all. Rule #3: people love you and they want to let them. This has been one of the hardest things for us actually. We feel more comfortable helping others than we do receiving help. We are learning though. So thank you! Rule # 4: you are deserving. Whatever it may be. . . yummy food and candy (lately my favorite: nutella crepes with extra strawberries and bananas from the restaurant, " Eggs in the city." oh yeah with a side of bacon. They have the best bacon!) hugs, babysitters watching your son, financial assistance, dinners, cards, phone calls, coloring books, crayons and cars for miles to play with at the hospital, and most of all prayers. We feel them, we really do! A few years back I was this sensitive volcano on the verge of eruption, like, all of the time. Now, I feel so strong, I feel in control (which is funny because things are so out of control... Rule#1) I feel more mature (stop laughing cousins), and I attribute it  partly to the fact that I want to be teachable. But most of all, it comes from a loving Father in Heaven. I know HE knows how strong I am, but he wants ME know how strong I am. ( those words have stuck with me from a John Byetheway book. I don't want to be sued for plagiarism here. So, those are his words not mine, but, they are true). We all need to give ourselves a little more credit. We are pretty awesome people living in a crazy good yet weird world. Sometimes, as hokey as it sounds, I celebrate and say,"yay me!" Because life is tough. It is hard. Yet we are doing the best

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Just a quick hello from Team Rampton. I was re-admitted to IMC on Tuesday afternoon with sluggish kidney function again, and was completely fine with this call because I was in quite a bit of pain. I've been hydrated and medicated and now have a feeding tube giving me some much-needed nutrition to prep me for the ultimate goal of liver transplant. My docs have said that the recovery process post-transplant is markedly improved with better pre-transplant nutrition. So since I have been losing muscle mass and nutrients like a gambling addict loses nickels, this was the best route. As you can see in the photo below, Miles needs no feeding tube. Putting the tube in was a nightmare that included lots of vomiting and some more vomiting, but now it's been in for just over a day and seems to be doing its job, which is good. I just hope I'm out cold when they take it back out. 
So life goes on and we are hopefully just progressing towards that liver transplant. The prayers on our behalf are working like a charm. I may not be in the best physical shape of my life. I wish I could go back in time, I'd take State. But our family's spirits remain high, and we attribute that to our support from all of you. Thank you and please keep it up! We'll get through this! We love you all!