Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fundraiser Success!

This is actually everybody's liver patient Alec giving a quick report on how well the BBQ Silent Auction fundraiser went last week!  While I was so sad that I couldn't make it to the party (especially since I was suffering at the time with some severe abdominal pains) I was so happy to hear about the great turnout we had and more importantly the great time everybody had at the event. 
We can thank all of you enough for coming and contributing in so many different ways. Whether it was donated items for the auction, preparing goodies for the bake goods sale, and all the hands that went into organizing and carrying out the fundraiser. 

A special Thank You needs to be made to Michael Holton, and worked so hard and was constantly in communication with Megan getting everything together. Of course I need to thank my sweet Megan. She would spend nearly every minute of our times together out at the hospital working on different aspects of organizing for the fundraiser. She has always been such a dedicated person to anything that needs to get done, and she'll work like crazy until it gets done, but was still always so sweet to come and visit me every day and give us our time that I always need in the hospital. She is the most amazing wife, mother and person I have ever known. 
So the fundraiser was a huge success and we able to continue to raise money for our astronomical medical bills.  So again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support! We feel so blessed to know so many loving, selfless, caring and generous people. You are all literally saving my life and our family. The prayers and fast never go unnoticed, and I cry for joy to be connected to so many amazing people. We love you all!

With all this, we continue to wait for a new liver to become available. While the waiting has been difficult, we continue to focus on the fact that we can't pray for a liver to become available now. Rather, we pray for patience and to be accepting of God's timing for us. We remain confident that The Lord will bless me with a new liver, and recognize that it will be on His timetable -not ours. 

As I said before, we love you all, and are grateful for your continued love and prayers on our behalf. 

Until we post again!