Friday, May 16, 2014

ICU day 3

Here's Alec's stellar and totally hip and awesome surgeon Doctor Alonso

Today is numero Tres in the I.C.U for you.  Each hour and day you have improved.  There may have been a little 2 steps forward, 3 steps back going on, but that is to be expected when one recovers from such a nasty surgery.

I.C.U First Day through Day 2: You had a ginormous breathing tube down your throat and you did NOT like it. But honestly, who would?! It was exciting in the fact that each time a doc/surgeon came by to check up on you they were very pleased with the numbers that your new liver was providing.  They saw that you were on the lowest form of oxygen which is always a good sign.  Your billrubin has risen just slightly from 10 to 12.5 but that was one of the things they discussed with us by using a liver with fat, especially when it is put on ice before your transplant.  The picture I imagined was my favorite Thanksgiving dish that Aunt Lois makes, candy yams. That slow-cooked sugary goodness not only looks amazing, but tastes amazing too (Thanks Aunt Lois . .   The next day, well. . .that's another story. I mean it still tastes amazing, but it doesn't exactly look like its healthy for you. Upon opening the refrigerator and reaching for your next yam fix, all you can see is an inch of buttery fat at the top. For a moment I think, "Woah, this looks like a heart-attack waiting to happen." And then, "Ah well."  So imagine the liver might look pretty similar once cold. (Welcome to the random thoughts inside my mind)

Anyhow, you stayed  very still that day.  Your incision, especially the chest hurt quite terribly.  They did a good job keeping you comfortable but it still hurt.  Do you realize that between your two incisions its as though you had open heart surgery and a liver transplant?  Because that's how they cut to do an open heart surgery. Craaaazy.  Still, you never complained.  I told your nurse Sharon, "Thanks for taking care of him." She said sarcastically,  "Because he's so unpleasant and difficult."

Meanwhile, back at the house, Miles was his charming little 2 (almost 3) year old self. Except he was so charming when we went to the pet store.  He found some birds and decided to "ROAR" at them. He loved watching them run away from him each time he roared.

 (just after a ROAR. You can see them fleeing from him:)

Today you stood up with the help of your nurse. I can't believe they get you up and at em' so quickly when you are so beat up.  It makes me rethink complaining that I'm to tired and lazy to get up to find the T.V. remote Miles has hidden.

Day 3, TODAY:

Today started off really crappy! It made me so sad to see you in such pain.  That stupid breathing tube was the culprit.  Each time you shifted just a tiny bit you would gag on that thing and once you did you couldn't stop.  I have the worst gag reflex (well, not as bad as my brother Brandon) So once you started puking I was no help as I mimicked the sound and had to bust out of your room.  (I realize others read this blog so I am sorry for the descriptive imagery but I got to document it for my man).

It was hard to leave you this afternoon in the condition you were in.  But luckily, you had your tube removed by the time I came back.  Hallelujah! My dad came to our house just as Miles and I had woken up from our 2 and a half hour nap (yes, please!)

I was happy he was here to talk to you and hear about how happy and emotional your little experience was.  He told me that the physical therapist came in to see if you could stand up.  You were so stinking exhausted from your crappy day, and had such a difficult time breathing (even though you have what's called a "breathing tube" in your mouth) you just could not, would not be able to do it.  Then he told me that you saw in the corner of your eye a little card Miles had written in.  You saw the words, "I LOVE DAD" and it willed you to get  up and do physical therapy.  The coolest part about it all was the fact that that little note was what got your breathing tube out in the end.  Apparently, all that fluid that had remained in your body was the reason your tube had to stay in.  IT would be too dangerous to not have it.  But, by standing up, you were able to release all of that junk out of your mouth and in then end remove the tube! HOORAY! FIST PUMP!

 And this is you tonight. Day 3, with a sweet little smile on your face. You are a hero man! We love you! I'll see you tomorrow! XOXOXOoxxxooOxoOx Big hug, Big Kees, Little Hug, Big Kees.