Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Out of the ICU

ICU Day 4:

Dear Alec, you are on your road to healing.  Today, you busted out of the ICU and are moving up in the world.  Literally, you will be moving up 5 elevator floors out of intensive care and back to great care. I wasn't there today at the ICU with you because I was afraid I had gotten sick.  It killed me to not be there with you as told me the night before that you wee having strange dreams, anxiety and emotional distress.  I am thankful that my dad was able to take my place there and give you comfort.  I received a text from him later that day telling me that you were moving out of the ICU.  "Just moved him. Going to leave.  He is very tired.  Doc said that he came off oxygen faster than any patient he has ever had from a transplant.  Said he is doing great.  Liver is doing great.  Said Alec is very very strong and a real fighter.  Said you should not worry about your cold.  Washing hands is most important but he said Alec has enough white bloods cells he can fight a cold. You should rest anyway today."

I called you Alec to find out what room they were taking you to but you didn't know.  So, I called up to our floor and Cathy answered the phone. "Hi, Cathy, this is Megan Rampton and I am just calling to find out where Alec's room is.  Is it on the Eastside? (That's the best view)"  Cathy: "Not only is it on the Eastside, but we saved his old room for him and we rolled your cot back in there too."  (I love that it is known as "my" cot now.  Because its really the P.A.'s Christy.) These people here are incredible.  Sooo much love is found here.  Thanks T-10! 

Alec took a "selfie" He's still hopped up on weird pain meds as you can see from his eyes, but look at that beautiful color!

 (we are trying to get this kid of his binky, but he just woke up from his nap, so don't judge. Yes, he's almost 3)

Love you Alec!


  1. woo hoo! love it when you blog. lookin good alec!!

  2. Awesome!!! Don't take miles' binky away. He needs it with all you guys are going through! So happy he gets to see his Daddy! Amy Bailey Giauque

  3. Alec and Megan you guys are incredible! I am so glad that you are healing so well Alec and that you're progressing in the stages that you would like and are surpassing everyone's expectations! Even as I have been reading Megan's blog I keep finding myself thinking "That's amazing" at how quickly you've responded. I hope soon you can be out of pain too! Thank you for updating us on all of your progress. I know you both need your energy and time together but I really appreciate being kept in the loop so we can continue to pray specifically for you. We love you guys!

  4. So... could we get an update on you guys? I'm anxiously waiting... ;)

  5. Hi Alex may God bless you with a long healthy life. Your faith in yourself will take you through this hard phase of life. When you both are together nothing can stop you from recovery and pain this I have learnt from my term paper writing service project.. We really appreciate for keeping us in the loop.