Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pearl Jam - Ten | Track 3 - "Alive"

One day recently in the ICU, I remember being serenaded by our iPad as Megan played Pearl Jam's song "Alive" - which is on the of the greatest songs from the greatest albums of all time, and taken on new meaning in our lives over the past seven years as time and time again through the hands of gifted physicians, medical personnel, the prayers and thoughts of hundreds upon possibly thousands, and of course the guiding hand of God Himself, we have found a way to continue living. After another massive set of surgeries, I am alive, and received my third liver transplant. Words can't express the joy we feel at this juncture as all tests and signs are pointing in the positive direction that this is a solid, viable liver transplant. 
Megan is currently penning a more detailed account of our transplant experience, and getting down on paper is a Herculean task in and of itself, so you can imagine the difficulty she is faced with in doing it all justice. I just thought I'd write a quick note to say we made it. The surgery/surgeries were once again very intense, and yet we are "Still Alive" and now beginning to thrive as life once again takes on a whole new meaning. 
Please stay close to our blog and any Social Media groups that are affiliated with our continuing recovery efforts, and know that each of you are loved for the countless demonstrations of faith and love on our behalf. 
Miracles are real, always remember that. 
Much love,
Alec, Megan and Miles Rampton