Sunday, January 3, 2016


This year has been good to us. It started with uncertainty but also optimism as far as my health was concerned. I was in the middle of rejecting my second liver transplant and we were running out of treatment options. It wasn't long before we decided with the docs that my body just wasn't going to accept that liver and after a few miracles and some tension I got my third liver transplant which is sitting solid and healthy to this New Year's Eve day.
It seems like when this year started Miles couldn't even speak. While I know that's not true, every day this year featured a new word or expression he'd picked up from school or television or church or a song (which made me closely examine the lyrics in my music collection) or something. The growth that kids experience is incredible. I would love to be able to retain half of what they do in these formative years. Maybe we do as adults and I'm just a special case. It wouldn't be the first area of life in which I'm a special case. Anyway, Miles is no exception to the fact that kids just grow mind-bogglingly fast. In some ways I don't like this, because I want to freeze him in the phase when he says "mine pants" instead of "my pants" or when he wants to "hippatize" me so that I'll be under his control. I can't get enough of him describing his mom by saying, "Her is beautiful" because "she" is so beautiful!
But then I'll hear him repeat a funny line from a song or a movie and fits in the with the context of our conversation and makes me laugh like I've never laughed before, and I think growth can be good. So I guess it's hard to be satisfied with kids if you're not able to control time, but man kids are the best.
Since kids are the best, we'll bring another one on board! You know how in competitive team sports, the question always arises as to who should be the player that is most likely to come through in the clutch with the game on the line? Who do you want at the plate or on the mound with a full count in the bottom of the ninth? Who takes the last shot, or who gets the ball on the goal line (not Marshawn Lynch in 2015, I guess) when the odds are stacked against you?  I know this sounds cheesy, but in the game of life I am taking Megan to do all those things and more, always. She hasn't ever disappointed and didn't this past year. She is the most amazing person I have ever known. She is by no means perfect, but in our imperfect existence on this earth, we must rely on one another, on both the strengths and weaknesses of each other, in order to persevere and enjoy life. To say the chips were down at a few choice intersections of 2015 would be a massive understatement. But Megan never let her strength nor her spirit falter. I remember points during the past eight years of our ongoing saga when we both felt like folding, and stress overwhelmed each of us in different ways and at different times. Stress definitely got the best of me this past year at times, but not so much Megan. I don't remember her saying how difficult things were, or how she wished we could be done. She may have felt those things, but never vocalized it. I think she just would say how she was tired every now and then. If she broke down into tears, it was over how sorry she felt for me and the pain I was in. She has told me that there were some heart-wrenching feelings during the tension-filled hours of my surgery/surgeries, but I also know that she showed incredible faith and trust in God, in my doctors' capabilities, and my body's capabilities. The Lord has sculpted her through the many trials that she has faced in life, and Miles and I are just a couple of the many beneficiaries of her wisdom and love.
We've learned a whole heap this year. Lessons that God taught us and that will serve us for eternity were gained this year. And 2015 became complete this morning when we found out that the baby we are adding to the family next May is a little girl! We are so excited for this new addition, and we feel that it is the greatest blessing we could have ever hoped for. Miles is going to be the most amazing older brother and will watch out for her better than we'll be able to. I'll just try to stay out of the way with decisions about ear piercings or make up and be ready on the porch with a 5-iron when dates show up. And Megan will have a bond with her daughter that I can't describe in words. 
Words fail to sum up 2015 completely, but we're just happy we got to be around for it together. So nothing but positive vibes for 2016. 
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