Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This would freak me out

I saw this on the world wide internet web for computers this morning. This dude has guts!


  1. That is incredible! I'd like to see Maddie and Micah try that…um, yeah. It's amzing that when he comes up out of the water, the camera is really clear only one spot. Also, where it looks as though he's alone and then all of a sudden there are all of those sailboats! Pretty mellow whales!

  2. Oh yes! The panic would be swift and absolute! Though you'd have to pay me massive bucks just to get out in the middle of the ocean in a kayak anyway. Still, it looks like an amazing experience for this guy!

  3. You guys should totally come to San Diego!! Gary can take you surfing and perhaps you can surf with some dolphins, or take a ferry and see the whales. It would be great, and hanging out with us would be great! Our munchkins could hang out together!!