Friday, June 7, 2013

My Honey is Home!

Alec was able to bust out of the hospital this week! We are so happy to have him home with us. Just to be clear. . .Alec has not yet received a transplant. After 3 weeks in there it was time to get out of there!  The Docs felt that he was well enough to return home but under a watchful eye.  We have a nurse that comes to our house several times a week to do labs. Alec goes to the Intermountain Dialysis center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for dialysis.  It is very taxing even at home but at least he is now waiting at our house instead of the hospital for a transplant. We would still like to treat his return as if he were at the hospital.  He is extremely tired and fatigued and needs to rest as much as possible. So, at this time we aren't able to have visitors. The texts, emails, and cards are awesome! We appreciate them sooooooo much. Because honestly what else can you do when you are sitting in a chair all day long?!  I'll write more later but as for now we are going to bed.  Goodnight! xoxo

p.s. Thank you Bonneville Mortgage for your awesome card. Alec LOVED it!!

Has anyone ever noticed that the 13th floor doesn't exist at the hospital? Superstitious much? (I guess I wouldn't want to be on the 13th floor. Oh, and also, they don't have rooms with 13 in them either).

 I tried to feng shui his hospital room. I rolled his bed around so that instead of him staring at the wall he would be able to stare outside his window. Not bad eh?
 All of the nurses loved coming into his room because it was colorful and filled with happy photos. Besides that, they LOVED Alec.  (Who doesn't though really?!)  One dude nurse loved Alec so much that he tried to switch with his co-worker. He told him that he would take 2 of his patients if he could give him Alec. How sweet is that?!

 When Alec got a little down and discouraged, my cousin and I made this poster and hung it in his room.  This is definitely our new motto this time around (Thank you Winston Churchill).  Last liver go around it was, "Just keep swimming." You know what? I'm done swimming. . .throw me a rope people!

                    The day we busted out of that joint! That was our nurse Nathan. He is awesome!

 Thanks for the great card Bonneville Mortgage! There is nothing like Seinfeld and Simpsons quotes to cheer you up!

                                                           Alec and some of his fam

                                       Chillin in the only shaded spot of our house that day

                                                              Home Sweet Home.

Dialysis trip

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  1. I hope Alec is enjoying being at home and getting the rest he needs. We will continue praying for you guys. If there is anything I can do let me know. Love you.