Thursday, September 15, 2011

The life on the mountainside

 There are many perks to living in a home on the mountain. A beautiful view, a great sledding hill in the winter time, and a front row seat to ALL of the firework shows shown across the valley. Alec and I love sitting on our balcony at night to watch the green aura the lighting makes after striking a transformer in the valley. One of our families favorite past times is turning out all of the lights in our home on a cold winter night and watch all of the cars sliding sideways down our snowy steep hill. However, it's not so fun when the tables turn and YOUR car is the car sliding down the hill playing bumper pool with all of the other cars! While I have loved my "home sweet home," lets face it, sometimes it aint so "sweet."
While its cool to see a moose walking down the middle of your street like its a fashion runway, it's not so cool knowing that it can charge you at any moment. While I love the 5-8 deer we have prancing around in our backyard all of the time, its not so fun to look up from your television show to see that the deer is staring into the window at you and into your soul. Scary! Oh and I also Love seeing and
stepping in all of the "evidence" the deer leave behind. I love waking
up in the middle of the night to the racoons fighting just outside my window. I love hearing that my cousin (who lives right down the street from us) has a mountain lion in their yard, or the fact that she stepped on a snake and a rat. I soooo love opening the front or back door at night to let my dog out just knowing that there is something creepy lurking out there. Once it was a snake, and just the other day it was a bat. Yikes! And not kidding, last week it was a tarantula! Yuck! What is going on here people?! I love that I am a girl and I don't have to do the brave stuff like checking scary noises, or collecting spiders around the house with a vacuum or toilet paper.  And I sooo love that I wasn't the one outside with a broomstick drop kicking the tarantula across our yard and off into the drop off. Thanks Alec! The highlight however was seeing your hee-bee-geebie dance. Haha

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  1. yeah pretty much the mountains are the best. you should go check out the owl that has made his permanent residence our backyard. so fun. Also i may have convulsed a little bit when i saw the picture of the tarantula. yuuuuuuck.