Monday, January 23, 2012

Here's to you Blue Monday!

These people in their cars will tell ya that January bites. They are now out of their cars and hiking up our hill. 
Sorry if I am about to offend any of you January Birthdays out there BUT. . . January has got to be the worst month ever!  From August until November you have the pretty fall leaves changing colors and Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't love a holiday where all you do is eat and watch football?! Then you anticipate Christmas in December and the opportunities that come with it... Family,Temple Square lights, hearts and thoughts toward the Savior. There's always fun Christmas parties to go, good movies at the theater, skiing (not so much this past december), and the feeling that you have gotten fatter this year, because welp... ya did.  Then you have February (which I love because I am a florist) and you sense the weather will be changing soon.  I Absolutely LOVE the springtime! Then comes my birthday in June. (Go June-babies! Alec and little Miles). Then the Simmons family North Carolina beach trip in July. . . boo-yeah (if anyone says that anymore, I don't know). So. . . what does January have? . . besides Alec's mom's birthday? (Happy birthday Janice) Absolutey nothin.' Blank, dreary, nothing-to-do January.  I have always disliked January because it's so depressing. I have to give it to January this year. It was in fact the most enjoyable January due to it's spring like weather and sunshine. Did you know that the fourth Monday in JANUARY is Scientifically Proven to be the most depressing day of the YEAR!!!!! That's today people! So if you have had a terrible blue day today, it's most likely that you are experiencing BLUE MONDAY, the most depressing day of the year.

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